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If I had to come out, the one in front of my closet would be Yo.
Ming, Season 1/Episode 3

Ming and Wayo are best friends and also attend the same university, although they are from different faculties. They know each other more than anyone else and are very supportive of each other. People often mistake their closeness for love but Wayo has always stated that he and Ming are only friends.




  • Ming was aware of Wayo's crush on Phana prior to the series.


Season 1/Episode 1

Ming: If I had to come out, the one in front of my closet would be Yo.

Season 1/Episode 5

Kit: [about Ming] Is he your friend or boyfriend? Worried about you like that?
Wayo: Friend! Friend!
Kit: Are you sure? Or is it only you who thinks that way?
Wayo: I think it's time for Ming to make a clear declaration. Everyone gets it all wrong.

Season 1/Episode 6

Guy doing Wayo's make-up: Ming, why are you here? Waiting for your boyfriend? Or something else?
Wayo: P', he's not my boyfriend!

Wayo: You're such a pain! You never refuted when someone said those things!
Ming: Having a love scandal with you can be a good thing. I can't handle a lot of phone calls from girls.