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Kit: Let me ask you something. What's so good about me?

Ming: Nothing... I just like you.

Kit and Ming, Season 1/Episode 12

Giving a name to the relationship between Ming and Kit is rather difficult because their feelings for each other are not two-sided but not totally one-sided. Ming likes Kit and openly flirts with him and although Kit constantly rejects Ming's feelings, it has been shown that he does show interest in Ming.




  • Kit describes Ming as being very tall, having big eyes and dark eyebrows.
  • Ming sneaked out of his college to peep at Kit three times.


Season 1/Episode 5

Kit: [about Ming] I must admit that he's handsome.

Season 1/Episode 6

Ming: I will buy you snacks.
Kit: I don't want them! I'll get fat!
Ming: Ice-cream?
Kit: Even fatter!
Ming: Then what should I do to make you come with me?

Kit: It's not even that far! What's with you?
Ming: What if I got raped, P'? Don't even mention I'm really handsome.
Kit: How cheeky!
Ming: If I was a tourist walking alone here, wouldn't P' wanna rape me?
Kit: Why would I? You're not a girl with big boobies!
Ming: Then why do you avoid my eyes when talking to me?
Kit: I don't! I'm just annoyed! Look at my mouth: I AM ANNOYED.
Ming: You'll get used to it.
Kit: Can you stop being so annoying?
Ming: P', trust me... In the future, you will like who I am.

Ming: [eating a bar of KitKat chocolate] I didn't buy one for you 'cause you said you're gonna get fat.
Kit: You seem to really like it.
Ming: Yes, I like it. I like KitKat.

Season 1/Episode 7

Ming: I just didn't know how to get your phone number. If I had asked you directly, would you have given it to me?
Kit: Why would I have to give it to you?
Ming: I knew it!

Season 1/Episode 8

Ming: [about Kit] I thought he wasn't my type. Not tall enough. Grumpy. And he loved quarreling with me. But when I realized, I found myself falling in love with him.

Season 1/Episode 9

Kit: Why are you following me?
Ming: Right! I want to know the reason too!